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About and FAQ

Listen up dog!
MyKi is here and now! Remain the coolest cat on the block and stay cutting edge with the lastest in global technogies!
What is MyKi?
MyKi is ultimate way to get around Melbourne and Victoria, you know those oldschool paper tickets, well that is so 1930s, know your ticket is the card which allows you to travel across all the intense networks.
It’s radical (Perth hasn’t got half of this).

How does it work?
It’s simpler than rewinding your videos!
The card (thanks to the nerds) has the ability to store your money on it (or as we call credit).
So you simply ‘tap it on’ at the place you get on at and ‘tap it off’ at the place you get off at.
Tap it on! It's so simple your granny could do it!

How do I put money on it?
To put your cha-ching on it, y’all gotta go to a store (or the station) and ask the person there to ‘top if up’ for you.
But if you’re a pro, then you can do it automatically using the machines found everywhere!

How can I trust it?
We spent $1,500,000,000 (1.5 BILLION) setting up MyKi, do you think we'd stuff it up :^)

I am still confused!

If for some strange reason you're still confused, then ask your local stationmaster or fax us.

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