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Sunday, March 30, 2014

A message from the Minister

This is a message from State Minster of Transport, his honourable John-Joe Wilson

His Honourable, John-Joe Wilson
Sup people.

1997 was a tough year for us, but now that MyKi is in place you the valued customer will be able to travel around the place easier and faster.

Let me just be frank and say you better be bloody grateful, we spent $1.5 billion of money we could have spent on getting large TVs and Nintendo 64s here at the state office, but out of the goodness of our hearts we spent it on giving you a better and innovative system which has and will keep on creating jobs in Victoria.
Yet I hear y’all bitch and moan about how we spent too much money and how the new system is confusing.
The only thing I have to say to you is that you should pack your bags and move to South Australia if you want to live in the past, because all of Victoria baby will be improved by MyKi!
There’s nothing to be disconbobluated by, it’s super simple stuff.
Just tap the bloody card on the termal thing and tap it off again.
It’s easy, It’s Australian and It’s a good longterm investment.

Trust us, here at the State Government, we only have your best interests in mind.
We know what’s best.
       -John-Joe Wilson , State Minister of Transport

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